Zodiac Signs and Disease!

Zodiac Signs and Disease!

Zodiac Signs and Disease!

Perhaps there is no term in use by metaphysicians that provokes so much ridicule from those not in sympathy with the science of mind as The Race Thought. To be told in a time of suf­fering, when the immediate cause is not apparent, that the unhappy conditions are attributable to the thought of disease abroad in the world is to most people a confession of weakness on the part of these philosophers and healers. But let us con­sider this matter a moment, and turn to the Zodiac for an illustration of this point.

When the astronomers and astrologers of old placed what is called The Grand Man in the center of a circle, ranging about him the twelve signs of the Zodiac, each one, from Aries to Pisces, was made to point to the weak or vulnerable parts of the body. Look in any of the almanacs, and Taurus will be seen directing attention to the neck, Gemini to the arms, Leo to the heart, and so on.

When we think that this picture has endured for ages, and call to mind that our grand­mothers and great-grandmothers, although ignorant of the most vital and vitalizing principles of the cult, placed implicit confidence in the influence of these signs upon life and health, we shall be able to approximate at least to a partial com­prehension of what is claimed for the Race Thought.

The ancient astrologers and scientists doubtless knew and taught that this ten­dency to disease had no reference to the regenerate man; that it was a condition which could influence only the person who lived exclusively in the natural and external, and in the belief of the suprem­acy of matter over mind.

The regenerate man, or the divine human, knows that mind is the supreme master, and matter the obedient servant. So it comes to pass that the dangers pointed out by the Zodiacal signs are true as regards man in an animal condition, and absolutely false as regards man in a spiritual state.

This explanation is vitally necessary, because the author is under an obliga­tion to her conscience never unnecessarily to call attention to disease.

Knowing that the body is what the mind makes it, and that of itself it is of no more account than a clod of dirt, it does not seem an honest thing to men­tion man's susceptibility to sickness with­out a presentation of the other and true side of the case.

The spiritual man has no master but God, and his mediator is the essential Christ, embodied in his own bosom.

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